Rincon's Beaches cover more than 8 miles. Some beaches are on the Caribbean and Some are on the Atlantic so you get a range from rough and surfable to calm and swimmable.

Puntas Beach is comprised of the strip of beaches on the Atlantic that are just a 2 minute walk from Los Robles. The three beaches are divided between quiet secluded areas to relax, some of the best surfing in Puerto Rico, great places to swim and play with your kids and beachside Cabanas and Bars.

The Sunset Coast is just West of Puntas where the Atlantic meets the Caribbean. Home to the beautiful Rincon Lighthouse and the Domes beach this is the spot for serious surfers. The average wave height is just over 7 feet. From this area you have the best view of Descheo Island, located 7 Miles off shore. Descheo is an uninhabited nature preserve great for SCUBA and Snorklers if you’re up for a short boat ride. Also on the Sunset Coast is Steps Beach, which gets its name from the set of concrete steps that sit on its shore where they were washed up years ago.

The public beach, most fancied for swimmers and sea shell collectors, is just a three minute drive from Los Robles, and parking is abundant. Public facilities and restaurants are located right on the beach.

The Caribbean beaches of Rincon are only a five-minute drive from Los Robles. They are home to calm blue waters and soft white sand. Excellent for swimming and snorklers.